The Next Big Thing in Social Media Management

It is vital for any business or brand to take a keen interest in their social media management. Your online reputation is critical to the success of your business, and it’s important that any brand monitor and interact with both positive and negative user responses. The internet is a large place, and it’s very difficult to keep on top of every story, post, or review that mentions your brand. Also, social media is evolving all the time, so it’s important to keep up to date with upcoming trends in social media management.

Trends in Social Media Management

No matter what happens in the future, some social media management rules remain constant. As a business owner or brand manager, it’s your job to regard the internet as an extension of your business office. Don’t get drawn down into arguments or petty insults online. What might seem like a harmless quip in a reply on Twitter can turn into a viral news story that can have devastating effects on how your brand is perceived. It’s also important to keep track of how social media is evolving to stay on top of the skill sets you need to stay competitive.

Here are a few of the next big things in social media management:

  • Greater transparency
  • New social media networks
  • Increasing importance of influencers
  • Greater reliance on analytics

Greater Transparency

Most of the major social media platforms are making concerted efforts to shut down false accounts. Troll accounts and bot accounts proliferate false information that discredit the whole platform. Social media platforms are moving more toward verified user accounts that provide the assurance that the account is being run by an actual human being.

New Social Media Networks

New social media networks appear all the time with new features that can quickly take a large percentage of the market share. Facebook was once the only social media network of any relevance, but now Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others have reduced Facebook’s market domination. If you can identify the next big social media network, you can get a competitive advantage by establishing your brand on that platform early. However, it’s important to not waste too much time investing corporate energy into platforms that don’t eventually take off. It’s important to consult with experts before deciding where to focus your efforts.

Increasing Importance of Influencers

Influencers use their popularity on social media networks to generate visibility for your brand. Social influencers have a powerful influence on their followers and can be much more effective than traditional means of advertising. Although some social influencers might not have the massive reach of a major newspaper, a direct message to a few thousand dedicated followers can have a greater impact than a static advertisement in a paper. Social media influencers will continue to play a larger role in all social media management campaigns.

Greater Reliance on Analytics

Gathering consumer data allows social media managers to focus the results of their budgets in a way that brings them the greatest return on their investment. It is important to analyze all the user data that is available both to comprehend how your brand is perceived, and how to influence and strengthen that perception. Smart tools and analytics allow social media managers to get an economical and accurate overview of a brand’s social media presence.

Take Advantage of New Tools

With the challenges of operating a business, it can be tempting to ignore the importance of social media management. It’s important to have a good social media management strategy, and to be aware of new trends that you must implement in order to stay competitive. Professional consultants like Affluent Solutions Group make it their business to monitor new trends and help you integrate them with your existing plan. Keeping up to date on new trends ensures your business will continue to have a positive online reputation.