The Most Innovative Things Happening with Social Media Management Tools

Today, it’s imperative that all businesses have a strong and well-organized social media presence. However, most social media platforms have a design that encourages daily interaction. It’s to the interest of Facebook or Twitter or Instagram that you log in every day and see what is going on. Daily engagement is how these social media sites earn their revenue, but it’s not the most efficient model for your needs as a business. To get the most out of your business, social media accounts, it’s important to utilize one or various social media management tools.

Social Media Management Tools

Social media management tools allow you to harness the power of your social media platforms more effectively and efficiently. They allow you to log into only one place and manage everything from a centralized location. Think of these tools as your social media platform dashboard. This gives you the perspective of a conductor and an overview of what’s happening across your entire social media presence at once. There are many social media management tools out there like Hootsuite, Buffer, TweetDeck, SocialOomph, Friends+Me, Followerwonk, Zoho Social, and more.

New social media management tools are being introduced all the time, but the basic feature package is always fundamentally similar. Digital marketing agencies like Affluent Solutions stay on top of the trend and can advise you when important new developments enter the marketplace. Some important features of social media tools are:

  • Free and paid plans
  • Access to multiple platforms
  • Scheduled posting
  • Analytical tools

Free and Paid Plans

One of the most enticing things about social media management tools is that most of them let you start off with a free plan. This allows you to try out the features at no cost to you. The free plan also allows you to become accustomed to the platform without becoming overwhelmed by all the available features. It is worthwhile to try out a couple plans and see which one has the format that most appeals to you and your business. If you decide not to opt for the paid plan, the free plan will still improve the effectiveness of your social media accounts.

Access to Multiple Platforms

Social media tools allow you to combine all your social media accounts under one roof. This helps you efficiently move from account to account without logging out and logging back in. It also helps you interpret the activities on your account in the context of a larger perspective of overall social media influence. It is more efficient and a tremendous time saver to have all your social media accounts accessible in one place.

Scheduled Posting

Many businesses schedule their social media interaction with a calendar or a spreadsheet that give reminders when to post. Management tools allow you to schedule posts into the future and ensure that your social media strategy will continue uninterrupted even if you can’t get to a computer regularly. Scheduled posting allows you to set aside one day a week or month to manage your social media and gives you the luxury of stepping away from your computer for some well-deserved rest.

Analytical Tools

Management tools offer you insight into post engagement and can sometimes give you a better picture than the analytics provided by other social media platforms. Remember that the platforms sell themselves and it’s in their interest to present massive engagement. The analytical tools of a social media management platform sometimes give you a more accurate picture.

Improve Your Online Presence

It is always to the benefit of a business to be efficient and organized no matter what the endeavor. Social media management tools allow you to get a much better return on your marketing investment and provide a more accurate picture of your overall online reputation. Most management tools allow you to try their services for free, and it’s worth experimenting with several platforms to see how you like the interface and to experience first hand the potential boost of engagement. Digital marketing agencies like Affluent Solutions can advise you on how to best integrate a social media management tool into your social media strategy.