The Guide to Online Reputation Management & Good Google Reviews

If you’re a business owner, then you know how important it is to manage your online reputation. Your digital presence and what it says about you are of paramount importance to keeping your current customers and finding new ones. Online reputation management can help you by showing you real metrics and by providing an efficient, effective, and cost-effective strategy to strengthen your online reputation. In this article we’ll discuss the importance of Google reviews and how they play a part in online reputation management.

The Importance of Google Reviews

If you search for a service or type of business on Google, you’re likely to see a map which displays the nearest results and gives a star rating for each of them. Consumers are likely to go to whatever result has the most reviews and the best star rating. Studies have shown that potential customers perceive a star rating as having almost the same authority as a personal recommendation.

It is possible to incentivize your customers to leave reviews. All you have to do is request a review and most your customers will leave one. However, it is important to also have an effective strategy that does not fatigue your customers, and which helps ensure positive reviews. Here are several online reputation management strategies that can help you get out of your Google reviews:

Basic Business Practices

The first step to ensuring you have good Google reviews is to adopt good business practices. With a professional emphasis on quality customer service, you can eliminate most negative reviews. However, even the most diligent businesses will receive their share of negative reviews. It is important for all businesses to monitor their Google reviews and address issues promptly.

Reputation Management Tools

Online reputation management programs use smart tools to send alerts when there is an issue that needs your attention. As a business owner, you don’t have time to check your Google reviews daily for new negative reviews. Instead, use a smart reporting tool that monitors the internet and sends you daily alerts. These tools provide a high return on investment because they provide you with exactly the information you need in a concise and actionable form.

Report Fake Reviews

If your smart tool provides you an alert for a new negative review, your first step is to read the review and see if it is legitimate. If the review is irrelevant to your business or fraudulent, you can click the option to flag the review as inappropriate. In most cases, Google will remove the review. If Google fails to remove the review, you can call them directly and ask them to resolve the issue.

Respond With Courtesy to Negative Reviews

Even if a review seems false, it is important to respond in a courteous and professional manner. Your response on a review represents an example that other potential customers can see as your dedication to customer satisfaction. Always take responsibility and offer to resolve the issue. Your response will mitigate the damage of the review while Google reviews it.

Incentivize Positive Reviews

Most customers will respond to a request to leave a positive review. Generating a customer mailing list is a fundamental component of modern advertising. However, be careful to phrase your review request in a way that it does not alienate your customers.

Google Reviews as a Resource

Google reviews are like items in a suggestion box that the entire world can see. A negative Google rating can cause you to lose customers to competitors. Monitoring your Google reviews is part of a larger online reputation management strategy. Contact the digital marketing professionals at Affluent Solution to learn how you can implement an effective strategy to get good Google reviews, improve your online reputation, and affordably grow your business.