The Anatomy of a Great Reputation Management Strategy

Online reputation management is a fundamental part of any marketing or brand strategy. The majority consumers decide where to spend their advertising dollars based on the online presence of a business. Online reputation goes beyond your business owned web page and includes everything that is said about your business on any web page, review, or social media platform. Also, the way your business interacts with individuals online can be a major influence on how your business is perceived. In this article, we will examine the anatomy of a great reputation management strategy.

Reputation Management

It is vital that businesses do everything they can to ensure that any online discussion of their brand reflects positively on that business. The internet can be a very unforgiving place, and negative reviews are inevitable. Sometimes negative reviews are malicious and are not a true reflection of the quality of your brand. As an online brand manager, you must develop a thick skin and approach every issue without hostility. Above all, it is imperative to correct all negative online perception as quickly as possible and never contribute to a problem with negative or emotional responses.

There are three key ways to controlling the perception of your business online, and it’s important to know how to best utilize all three. Through a combination of the three types of content, it’s possible to exert a strong influence over how your business is perceived online. The three types of content are:

  • Owned Content
  • Paid Content
  • Earned Content

Owned Content

Owned content is the easiest online content for you to control with regard to your reputation management. Owned content is all the content you produce. It can be your web page, blog, and all your social media platforms. It is very important that before you publish anything on your business web page that it reflects all the core values of your company. Remember that once you post something online, you can’t always make it disappear just by taking it down. If you make a mistake on your owned content, remove it as quickly as possible, but understand that screenshots will probably still exist online.

Your owned content is a major reflection of your business, and it’s important to treat all individuals who interact with your owned content as potential customers who have come into your business. Even if people have a very hostile response to your owned content, treat them with courtesy and respect. Remember that there are always silent observers, and if you conduct yourself with grace in a conflict, you will earn new business even if you lose the customer who disagrees with you. Always do your best to resolve problems promptly and efficiently.

Paid Content

Paid content consists of traditional advertising, pay per click marketing, influencer marketing, and anything that requires a payment from you. Paid content can be extremely useful, but it’s important to engage in smart marketing tools to get the best value for your advertising dollar. Influencer marketing is a new type of advertising through which influential people promote your business. Influencer marketing is like hiring an internet spokesperson and can be very effective.

Earned Content

Earned content represents the user interaction of the internet with your business. Earned content can be reviews, social media shares, or any other online discussion of your brand, service, or products. Earned content can be very powerful. If a positive article about you goes viral, then you’ll receive a huge amount of visibility. If a negative article goes viral, it can be very expensive to fix the mistake. The power of earned content is the main reason it’s very important to be courteous in all your owned content internet interactions.

The Anatomy of a Great Reputation Management Strategy

A great reputation management strategy requires a good understanding of owned content, paid content, and earned content. It’s important to know how these three types of content can be harnessed to help each other, and to increase the overall visibility of your business. Reputation management professionals like Affluent Solutions Group can help you design an effective strategy that gives you the best possible return on your budget. In the internet era, you can’t afford to leave your online reputation management to chance.