Social Media Reputation Management: How It Works, and Where to Find It

Virtually every potential customer uses social media today, which means that your ability to reach out and connect with them is more important than ever. However, only 52% of businesses find that social media has had a positive impact on their sales and revenue. The other 48% clearly need better social media reputation management.

Social media can be a blessing for your business or a curse for your company. The key is knowing how to use it correctly and how to stay ahead of the competition. Social media reputation management helps you to do exactly that by making it easier to dominate social media and project the best image possible for your brand.

How Social Media Reputation Management Works

Affluent Solution has designed a platform that makes social media easy. Social media is no longer just Facebook and Twitter. Today there are dozens of platforms, and knowing how to leverage them and take advantage of their audiences is crucial to success in 2020. Here’s how we make social media work for you:

Solve the Biggest Social Media Problems

Before you can be successful on social media, you need to avoid its pitfalls. Due to the sheer volume of information that comes through social media it can be hard for businesses, especially small ones, to keep up. We make it easy.

Listing Issues and Bad Information

Stop and ask yourself just how many places your business information can be found. Odds are you probably don’t even the right answer. Does every search engine have your correct business hours? Do all of your profiles have the right phone number?

Even one bad listing can confuse search engines and cast doubt on the other good listings. Affluent Solution searches everywhere to find every listing for your business and we make sure they match. This will ensure that your customers know how to find you, regardless of their search method.

Consolidate Reviews

Your reputation depends heavily on reviews. Roughly 68% of consumers use reviews to make purchasing decisions, while 94% of consumers would avoid a company with bad reviews. While Google, Facebook, and Yelp are the biggest players, there are many other sites that can impact your success. How do you keep up with it all?

Even when you get a bad review, the most important thing to do is to follow up and communicate with the customer. When someone sees a company constantly responding to bad reviews and looking to improve, they are more likely to give them a chance. So, you need all of your reviews in one convenient place.

Affluent Solution will find any mention of your company across a huge selection of websites, meaning you don’t have to scour the web to find pesky negative reviews. Instead, we serve them up on a platter for you to manage efficiently.

Know What People Are Saying

It’s not just reviews that matter. You also need to know what people are saying about your company. Of course, not everyone uses your favorite hashtag or tags your location in their pictures, so how can you keep tabs on the conversation surrounding your business?

Affluent Solution monitors the web for any discussion that mentions your business so that you can jump into the conversation and engage with your customers. Social media has a unique opportunity: Engagement. 51% of marketers state that developing relationships with consumers through social media leads to increased sales.

Create More Effective Posts and Ads

It’s frustrating when your ad campaign doesn’t hit the mark. You were hoping for more conversions and more engagement, but then it falls flat. Having access to better analytics and information will make your ads more effective.

Not only does Affluent Solution provide advertising intel as part of all of our plans, but we also support your content with custom blog posts and consulting calls. We can help you to build your reputation in the direction you want to go.

Reducing the Time Cost of Social Media

Small businesses often put in long hours on social media. Studies have reported that SMBs tend to put in 6 hours a week, which may not seem like a lot, but it detracts from other operations. As a business owner, you need to focus on your core business.

Hiring someone to work social media part-time or even full-time has its own costs. With a platform like Affluent Solution, you can consolidate all of your social media work into one place and reduce the amount of time you have to spend creating content. We can intelligently distribute content across all of your accounts, saving you time and money.

Added Advantages of Social Media Reputation Management

Besides solving those big problems, social media reputation management also provides several advantages to your business. These give you a competitive edge over other businesses, and are sure to help you manage your reputation even better.

Search Engine Optimization

Part of our service includes search engine optimization, or SEO. We make sure your website is using proper SEO strategy so that you can rise in the search rankings. Our custom blog posts help with this as well by discussing other topics that might interest your consumers and lead to increased clicks on your site.

We even look at local SEO, which is crucial for businesses today. More and more searches are done on Google Maps, which list the top three results immediately based on local SEO factors. Ultimately, your business will be discovered more often and that means better sales.

Better Web Design

If your website is feeling a little bit outdated, we make sure to keep it fresh. Our basic plan gives you 5 hours of website updates every month. Over time you’ll see your website go from a static page to a dynamic one that is constantly being updated. This makes customers return more often to see what’s going on.

We keep up with the latest trends in web design to make sure your site loads well on any device and maintains a unique look that captures the essence of your brand.

Regular Reporting

Another key feature are weekly reports that let you know how your posts are doing, what people are saying about you, and how your search rankings have evolved. With constant feedback, you’ll be able to make smart, informed changes to your business. Customers will see how responsive you are to their needs and will appreciate your dedication to them.

These reports help you stay ahead of the competition too, as you can compare your rankings and results to other companies in your area and in your industry. By having all the information in one place, your weekly review just got a lot shorter.

Where Can You Get It All?

Stop fussing around on multiple sites with 12 tabs open trying to get a hold on your social media reputation management. Leave it to the experts and contact Affluent Solution today. We have the all-in-one platform you need to manage your social media with ease.

Head over to our website to start a free trial today, and we’ll even give your site a free analysis. We’ll tell you exactly what we can do for you. Let us handle your reputation so you can focus on making your business the best it can be.