Social Media Management: Expectations vs. Reality

The internet can be very confusing. New social media platforms emerge all the time, and the social media platforms that exist constantly update their mechanism for interacting with their users. Social media management is a critical component of any modern-day business. Through social media and media influencers, it’s possible to improve your brand visibility and achieve a good return on your marketing investment. However, you must maintain good social media management practices to achieve positive objectives for your business or brand.

Social Media Management: Expectations vs Reality

Without a good social media management strategy, it is possible to cause your business more harm than good. Do not dismiss social media as a place young people go to waste time. Social media is very powerful and should be taken absolutely seriously. It’s imperative that all businesses learn a general set of rules applicable to all social media platforms, and specific sets of rules that apply to specific platforms. In this article we will examine how some of your expectations about social media will not translate into the reality of social media regarding the following issues:

  • Advertising
  • Criticism
  • Posting frequency
  • Reputation monitoring


Most businesses expect that all they have to do to engage in effective social media advertising is to go to the advertising interface, fill out the forms, and supply their credit card number. However, the reality is that without a social media advertising strategy, you won’t get the exposure or the return on investment that you deserve. Social media platforms are designed to maximize profit for themselves, not exposure for you. Without a knowledgeable consultant who understands how to interpret the analytical data of campaign performance, you’ll spend too much on your social media advertising campaigns.


A common expectation of individuals new to social media is that they believe they need to respond to criticism with authoritarian or dismissive responses. However, the reality is that if someone in your organization is caught being disrespectful online, even when the attitude is justified, it can reflect poorly on your brand. It is imperative to establish a corporate media strategy where everyone in your organization knows to behave with courtesy and professionalism whenever they are interacting with the public, including in online forums. Treat online interactions the same as you would a customer who is physically in your store.

Posting Frequency

The expectation is that when you have a social media account for your business; you get the most exposure through a maximum number of posts. However, the reality is that if your posts are not relevant, or are too frequent, you can inadvertently train your customers to ignore your account. It is very important on social media to have something relevant to say. Consider everything you post online and remember that everything you say or do online reflects on your brand.

Reputation Monitoring

Many individuals expect that they can monitor their online reputation simply by perusing social media platforms, reviews, and chat rooms. However, the reality is that social media platforms only provide a selective view of what’s being said about you. In order to get a complete, accurate view, you must utilize the services of reputation management software. There is simply too much data on the internet for a person to find and interpret by themselves. You need a system that scours the internet searching for keywords and phrases so that you can interpret complete management reports.

Find Social Media Success

Some businesses find they cannot achieve a healthy social media interaction despite dedicating a significant amount of time and energy to that goal. A consultation with digital marketing professionals like Affluent Solutions can help you change your social media management strategy to ensure you’ll get the best return on your marketing investment. Business interaction with social media is constantly changing, and it is important to build a relationship with a digital marketing company that is committed to staying on top of the trends so you can affordably meet your advertising goals.