Seo Reputation Management: 5 Ways to Boost Your Reputation With Google

Your reputation is what people think about your business, and if you have a stigma attached to your name, you could lose money, marketing power, even your entire business. Over 80% of reputation damage risk is not even reality-based. It’s just hype. Managing your reputation to avoid this damage will keep your business healthy and growing.

Much of your SEO reputation comes from your web pages and social media connections, making SEO reputation management vital to your business.

Seo Reputation Management: 5 Ways to Boost Your Reputation With Google

SEO can make negative news, videos, and images the first thing potential customers see, or it can make positive pages, glowing reviews, and your website the first thing they see. It entirely depends on the search engine optimization, or SEO, of each page. Here are five ways you can boost your reputation with Google search:

1. Take Advantage of All Google Search Result Features

As technology expands, so do the extras in every Google search. Google search used to use basic keywords to create lists of search results, but now, it will provide Google snippets, location maps, several images, and paid ads that can all be pulled up when searching for something. You can use these to your advantage to hide negative results.

Many large brands or authority sites show a Google knowledge panel when you search for that particular business. Local listings that contain maps of local areas with the position of the business can also take up a sizable space in search results. If you have quality content that answers a question, you may be featured on a Google snippet.

2. Increase Rankings of Positive Results

If your highest rankings in Google are all positive, most users won’t scroll past those first links. They will click the links to the positive, never seeing any negative results, and never having the chance to form a negative impression of your brand. To increase your positive result rankings, you should optimize any pages you have control of to boost SEO.

Only two links per website are now allowed in Google search results, and you will need nine search results just to push one negative link to page two. This means you need to optimize all the platforms at your fingertips, including social media, review sites, business listings, and news articles. Make sure to use the proper keywords to boost SEO.

3. Create New Positive Content

Another way to use SEO reputation management is to create new positive content that will go straight to the top of the results page. You can use a variety of methods to create new content for this. The best ideas for new content is your website, social media, videos, images, and press releases.


Your website should consistently be getting new positive content. For some businesses, this may be as simple as updating landing pages with new content. One thing to consider is starting a blog to create useful content that will help your SEO.

Social Media

Social media is used by the vast majority of people, and your profiles can now show up in Google searches. Claiming your social media pages and any business listings will boost your positive search results. You should also create new content that will attract engagement, especially when used in conjunction with Google. For example, Google searches offer a few popular tweets from a business’s twitter page.


Videos are popular with Google SEO because consumers like them so much. You can create videos that positively represent your brand, making sure to search engine optimize the videos so they become one of the first things people see. Videos can also be the best way to deal with a PR crisis.

Press Releases

A press release is a news article about an event that a business gets to control. These can be put out to news sites or high-traffic blogs. Many times, press releases are used in a PR crisis, but they can also be used to spread positive news about events happening within the business. Press releases are a way to use the media as an ally.


One type of content that may surprise you with how useful it is?  Images. Images with alt text, captions, and titles can be a great tool for SEO reputation management. You can post high-quality positive photos of your business and branding online with the right keywords in the alt text, titles, and captions to create new positive content that Google will rank highly in its results.

Other Platforms You Control

You can also create new content or optimize current content in other platforms you control. Pages like Wikipedia, business directories, Forbes, etc, are all authority sites in Google’s eyes, which means they will get ranked higher. Make sure the content in these sites is new, correct, and optimized to rank well.

4. Suppress Negative Search Results

Another way to manage your reputation with Google is to suppress negative results. Making these pages less accessible or visible to the public will help your reputation. One of the main ways to suppress negative search results is to boost positive results, but it can take a lot of results just to push one link to a second or third page.

Another way is to build backlinks which is when a company links to another business’s website. Backlinks on authority sites will boost your website’s SEO since Google will rank your site as more trustworthy due to how many other sites link back to it. You will also put the sites linking to yours at a higher spot on the search rankings, thus pushing negative results further down.

5. Remove or De-Optimize Negative Pages

The last way to help your reputation online is to try and remove or de-optimize negative pages. In some cases, negative results are things you have some control over. You can work with the creator of the content or the host to remove the content. This may be done through compensation or even legal notice, especially if the content is false. If you have control over the actual content, you can reverse SEO and de-optimize the page the best you can.

Should You Hire an SEO Reputation Management Agency?

A reputation can take decades to build and a few minutes to destroy. While you can try to do it alone, sometimes it’s better to consider using an expert. SEO agencies understand search engines through and through and can personalize their approach for your reputation management. Using an expert will also free up your time to focus on growing your business.

Many SEO agencies will mix and match different tactics to find the right fit for your brand. They will have an excellent grasp on keyword research, building positive links, optimizing content, and creating a recovery plan. They can use their expertise to get you measurable results in a faster timetable than doing it by yourself.

Managing your online reputation can take many forms, from creating positive results to suppressing negative ones. While there are many ways you can boost your reputation, the best first step is to contact Affluent Solution to make your reputation the best it can be. Visit us today to learn more about our free trial.