Online Reputation Management and What It Can Do for Your Google Ranking

Having a good Google ranking is important if you own a business. Your Google ranking reflects your online visibility in relation to the rest of the internet and also to your competitors. A low online reputation for your business can have a negative effect on the visibility of your business, which will make it difficult for new customers to discover you from an online search. Applying good online reputation management strategy can help to improve your Google ranking and create a better first impression of your business for potential customers.

Google Ranking and Online Reputation

To have a good Google ranking, you need to practice good search engine optimization. When a potential customer searches a term related to your industry, it’s important that your business has a high ranking in the results and that the ranked article is positive. There is a saying that there is “no such thing as bad publicity,” however that phrase was coined before the invention of the internet.

Negative reviews happen when you least expect them. Some negative reviews are not the fault of the business, but if they turn up easily in a Google search they can still have an adverse effect. Your Google ranking reflects the trustworthiness and popularity of your business, so improving your online reputation will increase your overall visibility. Here are some aspects of online reputation management that you can work with to help your Google ranking:

Preventing of Bad Reviews

The foundation of a good online reputation management strategy is to do everything you can to prevent negative reviews. Inaccurate listings that lead to customer frustration can create negative reviews that are no fault of the business. Inaccurate listings are a good example of the need for online reputation management. You need to ensure that everything listed on your proprietary web page is accurate, and this includes listings on pages you do not control directly. It is much more efficient and effective to use management tools to discover inaccurate listings than it is to monitor and find them yourself.

You can also prevent bad reviews with a commitment to good business and online practices. Many businesses try to manage their social media platforms in-house. With all the multi-faceted demands of running a business, it’s difficult to keep up-to-date on good social media practices and trends. A digital marketing agency will help ensure that your social media strategy does not contribute to negative reviews.

Ensure Positive Results Rank Higher

It is very difficult to remove a negative search engine result. A much better strategy is to bury the negative results with a lot of positive results that rank better. Ensuring there are positive news stories about your business is an energizing task that helps remove the sting and negativity of an unfavorable comment.

Positive results can come from supporting community projects or other goodwill endeavors. Your online reputation will largely be a product of the first few items that appear in your Google ranking. Ensure that there are always highly ranked positive stories about your business to help both your reputation and your search rankings.

Listen to Customer Suggestions

Customer interaction is important information that a business can use to improve their quality of service. Negative reviews can be painful, but it’s important to listen to the complaints and resolve to ensure future customers have a better experience. You can minimize the negative effect of a poor review by publically reaching out with an offer to resolve the situation. By listening, you ensure future customers won’t have the same experience. Your interactions with complaints on public forums are an example to future customers of your commitment to customer satisfaction.

Improve Your Google Ranking

Improving your online reputation can also help improve your Google ranking. It’s important to incentivize customers to engage with your social media presence about positive experiences. Contact the marketing professionals at Affluent Solution to learn more about how online reputation management can help your Google ranking.