How Affluent Solution Group Expanded Dirt Dog’s Digital Presence and Sales

Affluent Solution Group is constantly striving to be the best cloud broker of marketing solutions in the American Southwest, and while our strategy changes with each business that we work with, the results are always amazing. 

If you’re interested in working with Affluent Solution Group to help your start-up succeed, let us show you the steps we took to expand the market reach of Dirt Dog LA.

We Generated Top-Quality Content

Figuring out what content works for your audience is always a tricky thing, and it requires plenty of research and study. For Dirt Dog, we discovered that the best form of content was customer-generated, like group photos or pictures of food orders.

By posting images on social media that invited customers to post their own pictures using branded hashtags, as well as setting up photo booths inside the restaurants, user engagement dramatically rose to include over 25,000 users!

We Connected with Influencers

Influencer marketing is a great opportunity for businesses to reach tech-savvy millennials. By connecting with influential social media personalities and having them advocate for your business, you can reach larger numbers of customers at a fraction of the price.

For Dirt Dog’s social media expansion, we set about locating and connecting with the biggest names in L.A. cuisine & culture, including @michaelblackson, @dineLA, @TonyBakercomed, and many others. This strategy paid off in spades as our Dirt Dog influencer pieces were seen 2,293,864 times!

We Drove Digital and Community Engagement

Customers love businesses that engage and support their community—we all want to make the world a better place and we want to support those who do it!

That’s why we made sure to launch several initiatives at Dirt Dog Restaurants, including a toy drive that gave customers free hot dogs, “Together Tuesdays” where a portion of the proceeds went to CASA, and a day where all Dirt Dog purchases were donated to the Food Bank!

All of this community support attracted plenty of new Dirt Dog customers and generated more than 10,000,000 shares on social media!

By the end of our campaign, Dirt Dog had seen a dramatic 40% increase in sales, a 1000% growth in social media followers, and countless 5-star reviews across Google and Yelp. We are proud of the results our team has generated for Dirt Dog, and we are excited to bring that same energy and creativity to you and your business. 

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