9 Little Changes That’ll Make a Big Difference with Your Online Reputation

The internet can be a cruel place. Reputation management has become a critical concern for all individuals. Whether you are looking for a job, or you wish to protect a business, it’s important that you understand the best practice techniques to ensure your online presence is positive. Receiving a negative review is not the end of the world, but it’s vital to equip yourself to manage your online reputation and not inadvertently make things worse. In this article, we’ll explore nine changes that can help you improve your online reputation.

Reputation Management

Unsubstantiated attacks against a business online are a form of bullying. It can be infuriating to be the target of a public relations assault. In a competitive market, some brands gain an advantage by smearing their competitors. Don’t think that you can protect yourself from a poor online reputation simply by conducting yourself honorably and engaging in good business practices. If you do not know the basics of reputation management and actively work to maintain a good reputation, you put your business at risk.

Here are nine things to consider about reputation management that will help you get started in protecting your business.

  • Own your domain
  • Compile reviews in one place
  • Make sure your listings are accurate
  • Monitor your reputation in a variety of sources
  • Take advantage of automated reports
  • Don’t leave aggressive or defensive comments
  • Reward positive comments
  • Address issues before they grow into huge problems
  • Be proactive and fix things

Own Your Domain

One key to reputation management is having a platform you can control. You should purchase as many versions and common misspellings of your brand name as early as possible. Even if you don’t actively use the variations, it’s important to prevent others from using them. Also purchase negative variations of your domain. In order to have a good online reputation, it’s important to build a platform where you can emphasize positive stories.

Compile Reviews in One Place

Be on the lookout for positive responses to your business or brand and then highlight them with your platform and social media. Social media shares, likes, and comments help positive comments improve in search rankings. Do what you can to help promote anything positive that is said about you.

Make Sure Your Listings Are Accurate

Always make sure that the listings of your brand on various web platforms and review sites are accurate. If your Google listing has the incorrect business hours, you might receive a negative review through no fault of your own. Set automated alerts for brand mentions and check them for accuracy with regularity.

Monitor Your Reputation

Be aware of what people are saying about you in news stories, blogs, twitter, and all other social media platforms. Don’t rely only on the major news sources. All individuals have a loud social media voice, and it’s important to show equal consideration for the opinions of the whole public.

Take Advantage of Automated Reports

Use sentiment analysis to get a broad perspective as to the public opinion of your brand. Monitor the analysis and take action if you see an increase in negativity.

Don’t Leave Aggressive or Defensive Comments

Don’t get into shouting matches online, you end up looking petty and your brand suffers. Always address issues courteously and promise to resolve issues.

Reward Positive Comments

Acknowledge positive comments and offer people who post them rewards. These can be as simple as a coupon for a free coffee. Let individuals know that you appreciate and reward positivity, and you’ll see positivity proliferate.

Address Issues Early

It is important to control the narrative. If there is an issue, don’t try to hide it. Be public about the issue as well as your solution. Nothing stays hidden on the internet, and issues are inevitable. Earn a reputation for responsibly addressing problems the moment they are drawn to your attention.

Fix Things

Don’t rely on empty promises to fix your reputation management. You have to have a real-world response to online problems. it’s not enough to declare you are going to fix an issue. Make real-life changes, and then document and proliferate your efforts. Capitalize in the moments your business is trending negatively and turn the interest into something positive for your business.

Reputation Management Is Key for All Businesses

In the online era, it’s critical for all businesses to have a strong reputation management strategy in place. Regular discussions need to be held on the issue before problems arise. If a business is not knowledgeable about reputation management, a small problem can grow into a devastating issue. Businesses like Affluent Solution Group can help you design a reputation management strategy and show you how to incorporate it as part of your overall workplace culture.