8 Things the Best Social Media Managers Should Be Doing for Your Business

To say technology has changed business in the past 20 years is like saying the conveyor belt has had an effect on industry. It’s true, but it’s a gross understatement. Innovations are unfolding at a rate that is incredibly hard to keep up with, even for the most adept. Social Media Managers weren’t even a thing 10 years ago: now it’s hard to even imagine tackling business online without them. 

The evolution of social media has done more than just morph the landscape of personal engagement. It has given businesses a call to engage or get left behind. However, with the ever-changing trends, how do we stay abreast of the slickest ways to engage, the best places to be, and the ideal timing for change?

Top 8 Things You Need From Social Media Managers

As you juggle all the essentials of business, from production and development to HR concerns about staff management and payroll, you need dedicated attention devoted to the management of your image, marketing, and customer experience through social media. Want to know who to hire and how to track performance? The best Social Media Managers need to come to the table with creativity, experience, and a load of know-how when it comes to connecting your brand with your customer for engagements that translate into a strong reputation with a robust and growing bottom line.

1. To Get Out There 

When your customers are scrolling, looking for the next interesting click, do they find you? Are your posts engaging your ideal audience with the right content? Are you boosting to reach the right people at the right time, or are you woefully missing from the key areas of conversation? The world marches on to the latest innovations, and sticking your head in the sand will mean a steady decline as you become increasingly irrelevant.

The basic starting point is more visibility. It’s a given that your company needs to be present in the places where you want to be seen. Your approach needs to include learning where your target audience is going and making sure you’re there; consistently present to make them familiar with you. The more they see you, the more they remember you, so make it consistent and positively clear about your message. More positive associations equal a greater sense of trust, making them more likely to buy what you’re selling.

2. To Set Yourself Apart

As a business, you want to show what makes you special. Your online presence needs to capture the essence of your brand messaging and clearly communicate that to your audience. Social Media Managers will help you target your audience and strategize your messaging to highlight the unique positives of your offering.

Your tailored approach will go a long way to helping establish you in that special niche. You need to have someone who can deliver on a stronger reputation by designing your communications to leverage that perspective, whether it’s presenting you as an ever-relevant and trustworthy industry leader or a creative newbie with drive and insight to outperform your competition.

3. To Connect With Customers

More and more, users are determining their buying patterns by social media, either turning to Facebook to search for a local provider or asking for reviews on services before hiring. Your audience wants to get info quickly, and your manager needs to deliver. It’s important that your plan for engagement keep you connected even as your audience and their engagement increase. You need to plan for how to be present as you grow and the demands for online engagement increase.

Social Media Managers should be getting you reviews and ratings to increase your presence. It’s easy for users to give Facebook reviews, so your company should be connecting with them to build your foundation and increase your reputation.

4. To Turn Complaints Into Compliments

Let’s say you’re on a social media platform, but it’s more of a one-and-done situation than an ongoing commitment. You click the box and upload a profile, fill in a registration, but then it’s crickets chirping whenever someone messages.

For the irate customer who tried to reach you via email and is turning to Facebook to put on the pressure, you need to be there. You need to be prompt, courteous, and ready to take the conversation to an amicable resolution for the sake of the peanut gallery, who are watching how and if you will respond. You are being rated, by platform algorithms and by each individual who makes a mental note about you, either positive or negative.  

5. To Build Sales

Your purpose online is to increase the company’s bottom line. Your manager gets customers to give reviews and star ratings so you’re more likely to be found when potential customers search for local businesses. Essential sales activities vary according to your approach, though.

What type of engagement online works best for your product? Is it drumming up clicks for more info, direct sales, or walk-in business? A key requirement for Social Media Managers is that they know how to best optimize your campaigns, posts, and responses for direct sales. Then they design a clear approach that strategizes for the most effective conversation.

6. To Track Your Impact

With continual online review monitoring, your manager needs to be able to report on how you’ve done and improve your approach for next time. See what worked well and what didn’t so you can adjust your approach next time to optimize any future posts, campaigns, and call to action.

7. To Track the Competition

With industry turning online in so many ways, it’s likely your competitor is online. If they are, you need to know how they’re doing. What are they saying, and how is it resonating with your target audience? Keeping tabs on their activity and growth will help you adjust your approach to optimize your connection with the clients you both want!

8. To Synergise Your Online Presence

In a nutshell, your ideal in Social Media Managers will strategize your online presence across diverse platforms to connect you with your ideal customers. It’s essential that this person or team knows your entire online presence from website to industry listings across various sites. Often, they will coordinate the company approach to ensure a unified presence for greater traction and a more robust reputation. Additional tasks can include:

  • Finding and maintaining communication on review sites
  • Claiming listings across directories and keep them current
  • Monitoring reviews across platforms

Find the Solution for You

With so many online avenues to manage, it’s critical to have a unified solution that connects each piece for a stronger, more effective online presence. For a business focusing on the delivery of its products and services, the challenge of online marketing is as daunting as a treasure hunt through a minefield. Our professional team of experts will tailor a package to complement and supplement your current plan.

The incredibly fast-paced world of social media requires strategy, design, and expertise to keep your brand engaging and growing. The team at Affluent Solution is poised to deliver an expert approach that optimizes the work of your Social Media Manager and transforms your holistic online presence through a complete package. Reach out today to Affluent Solutions and see how we can help you navigate online from social media to SEO