6 Ways Online Reputation Monitoring Can Save Your Company

Reputation is what drives a business to great success or great failure. It is the way people perceive you and your company. With a good reputation, you can grow your company, build loyal customers, and have positive search engine results. With a bad reputation, your company will lose business, lose trust, and fall apart. Online reputation monitoring, however, can literally save your company.

6 Ways Online Reputation Monitoring Can Save Your Company

1. By Alerting You to What People Say About Your Company

You should always know what people are saying about your business. Monitoring your online reputation can keep any sudden news, reviews, or social media posts from catching you off guard. You’ll be able to respond immediately to any negative reactions and boost all the positive content.


News outlets don’t care about your reputation; they just want to maximize their readers. Unfortunately, bad news sells better than good news. Any negative news about your business may be picked up and spread by a newsgroup, even if it is fake or misleading. This news content often ends up at the top of the search results, giving people a poor perception of your company.

Monitoring your online reputation can allow you to avoid all of that. You will know immediately when negative news content appears online. This lets you respond to these quickly to immediately manage your reputation before the negative content harms it. On the other side, monitoring your online reputation will also alert you to positive news content so you can boost your reputation.


Negative reviews stick out in people’s minds more often than positive reviews. Even one negative review in a myriad of positive ones can sway a potential customer away from buying. When you are monitoring your online reputation, you can be alerted to good and bad reviews so that you are aware of what people are saying about your company.

If you find a bad review, you may be able to reach out to the customer through the review platform to see if you can fix any problems for that specific customer. You will also be aware if there is a growing trend of specific problems in your product that is ruining your reputation. Being caught off guard by a drop in sales due to bad reviews will only worsen your reputation.

Social Media

While social media is a platform many people use to review business experiences, it is also a platform to interact with consumers. Social media presence is vital to your online reputation. A huge number of consumers use social media. If you aren’t monitoring your social media reputation, you won’t have a full understanding of your online reputation.

Being aware of your customers’ and target audience’s social media will allow you to immediately boost positive posts and address negative ones. You will also be able to engage with customers more directly and discuss with them how you could improve your reputation. Monitoring social media can save your company by keeping you informed and encouraging engagement with customers.

2. By Flagging Up the Weak Areas of Your Reputation

In every business’s reputation, there are strong areas and weak areas. If you don’t know which areas are your weak areas, you won’t be able to address them. You will continue with your strategy that may be bolstering already strong areas and leaving weaker points untouched. This can waste important investment money and lose potential customers at the same time.

With online reputation monitoring, you can examine the data with a detailed report to understand where your reputation is strong and what needs attention. For example, after monitoring your reputation, you may realize that while your social media reputation is strong, you lack a high ranking of positive search results. You can then adjust your management strategy to help your weak points.

3. By Monitoring Your Fixes

Negative problems with a reputation only get worse with time. Negative reviews, news, content, and even rumors can build until they overwhelm a company and drag it into ruin. When you don’t monitor your online reputation, you won’t be aware of any issues that may need to be addressed. You won’t be able to respond immediately to bad problems.

But once you find these issues, you’re going to implement fixes. Have those fixes worked? By monitoring your reputation consistently, you’ll find out quickly what works and where you need to try something different.

4. By Showing You Inconsistencies With Your Brand

Online reputation monitoring is a sure way to find any inconsistencies in your brand. Brand inconsistencies are when your brand sends conflicting messages to your audience about who you are and what you care about. Instead of building a reputable and trustworthy reputation, inconsistencies make potential customers wary and avoidant of your brand. This is a common issue for many businesses that do not monitor their online reputation.

Monitoring your reputation will help you identify the parts of your branding that are inconsistent. You will be able to see where people feel confused or wary about your brand so that you can fix those issues. Creating consistent branding starts with building a brand guideline that you can use to make your company’s message the same across all platforms.

5. By Alerting You to Big Changes

A good reputation can take years to build only to be destroyed in less than an hour. If you are not monitoring your reputation, you might not be aware when big changes sweep through your reputation. These changes can make or break a company, and response time is vital to your survival. Without a good system to alert you of these changes, you won’t be able to repair the damage quickly enough to survive.

You can use certain programs and platforms to manage all of your online reputation in one place. Companies like Affluent Solution Group offer access to programs that alert you to these changes as well as access to experts to help you work through any reputation crisis.

6. By Saving You Time and Money

As all business owners know, time is money and money is time. Monitoring your reputation at the beginning will save you time, keeping you from pouring hours of effort into repairing a bad reputation. It will also save you money, preventing the need to spend thousands of dollars on SEO, press releases, new content, new branding, and new marketing to repair a stigma on your business.

Online reputation monitoring is the best return on your investment that will also protect and save your company. You will be able to breathe easy knowing you can spend that time and money giving back to your business.

Monitoring your online reputation can help you save your company in many different ways. It keeps you informed about your reputation and any changes so you can respond quickly and protect your good reputation. It also saves you the time and money it takes to repair an ignored, unmonitored online reputation. Contact Affluent Solution Group today, where we can help you monitor your online reputation.