5 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Reviews On Facebook

There are more than one billion people on Facebook, which means that, as a business, you should be on the platform. With so many people on the social site, you are bound to find your perfect customer demographic and share your products or services with people who are interested in buying. In addition, having positive reviews, likes, and follows on Facebook can be excellent for your bottom line.

Reasons You Need Reviews on Facebook

Hopefully, your business information is already on Facebook and is clear, up-to-date, and matches your other online presence business information. If it’s not, you need to change that as soon as possible. Once that’s taken care of, start asking customers to leave you reviews. Here are some important reasons you need reviews on Facebook:

1. Be Seen by More People

The more reviews you have, the better your chance of being seen. Reviews on Facebook can get your information to appear in people’s news feed, which means that they’ll be exposed more often to your messages and product information.

2. Customers Use Facebook to Find New Products

Facebook may not seem like the first place people go to learn about new products or to find business information, but it is. With so many users on the site at least once a day, a lot of searching and reviewing is being done while catching up with friends and family. Make sure you are putting your best information forward and convince customers to leave reviews and feedback about your business.

Reviews can also help other customers decide if they want to buy for your business. People trust their family and friends when it comes to their opinions about certain products. If they see a friend has left a review on your page, they may be more willing to buy from your company. Thus, the more reviews you have, the more chances you have of attracting and retaining new customers.

3. Reviews on Facebook Can Help With Local Searches

When it comes to people looking for local businesses, they will often turn to Facebook to find a company near them. When you have reviews and star ratings, their search gets much easier and you’re more likely to pop up early in their hunt.

4. They Are Easy

The process of leaving reviews on Facebook is quick and easy: something that is very appealing to a lot of people and makes it more likely people will be willing to leave a review. They have the option of creating a star rating or doing a star rating and a written review. Both of these have an impact on how you are viewed and will help other customers decide if your company is worth buying from.

Star ratings are a big deal for a lot of buyers because they are easy to read and understand. Most people understand that more stars means a better rating, so the system is both simple and effective.

5. Reviews Can Be Seen Outside of Facebook

There are a lot of people who use Facebook, so when they are on the site and looking for your business, they’ll be able to find you and see your reviews. However, Facebook pages and reviews pop up in general internet searches, too, so it’s also possible for people to see how you are rated on Facebook even if they aren’t on the site.

Getting Reviews on Facebook

Having people post reviews on Facebook can exponentially increase your reach to new customers, both on and off the site. If you need help managing these reviews or getting your page set up for this important task, reach out to Affluent Solution Group today.