3 Tips for Managing Your Reviews on Facebook

Facebook is the most popular social media sites in the world, with over two billion monthly users. Connecting with friends, forming groups, and sharing everything from diet tips to vacation photos is part of the Facebook experience. Facebook is also the largest advertising platform in the world, which makes it a powerful business tool. Managing your reviews on Facebook is important for growing your customer base and achieving success. In this post, we’ll give you some tips on how to manage reviews on Facebook.

Why Reviews on Facebook Are Important

Positive reviews and lots of them are what really influence people to like and follow your posts. It’s called FOMO, or the fear of missing out. If people see that someone has earned lots of positive reviews, they’ll consider following that person, too. The same applies to business. If a restaurant is crushing it with dozens of positive reviews, more people will naturally want to patronize the establishment.

Negative reviews can appear despite the best efforts of any business to maintain a high standard of customer satisfaction. Businesses can receive negative reviews because of inaccurate online listings outside of the control of the business. Negative reviews can be cases of mistaken identity or just a vindictive customer who is the source of his own issues. Finally, a negative review can show an error by the business they need to correct.

Managing reviews on Facebook involves implementing several strategies:

Flag Fake Reviews

Facebook knows that in order for the public to take their reviews seriously, they have to provide legitimate reviews. Businesses have the option to report or flag reviews for several reasons. Businesses should report reviews that contain instances of hate speech, irrelevant information, or seem to come from fake accounts. Facebook will then examine the review and decide on whether to remove the reviews. To flag a review, log in to your business account, locate the review, and click the three dots in the corner. A menu will appear with ‘report post’ as on option.

Disable Reviews

Businesses have the option to disable reviews on Facebook completely. The only problem with disabling reviews is that it eliminates the popular check-in feature and the listing map. Disabling reviews can be a good short term solution while you manage a controversial issue. Disabling reviews does not delete reviews, but it hides them from view. On your Facebook business page, go to settings, click edit page, and then click on reviews to find the option to disable them.

Courteously Engage Customers

When a customer gives you a poor review because of a legitimate complaint, a public apology and an effort to resolve the issue can be a very effective strategy. Always use formal and professional language and remember that you aren’t speaking only to the customer who wrote the review: you’re also speaking to everyone who has access to the public forum.

Some businesses use disparaging or dismissive language to deal with certain complaints. Although there are examples of success stories with this strategy, it’s not recommended. The safest policy is to always respond with courtesy and professionalism. Train your employees to regard every online interaction exactly as they would regard an in-store interaction. Attempt to correct the experience of an unsatisfied customer and be satisfied that potential customers will appreciate your effort even if they do not prove to be successful.

Facebook Reviews Represent Your Business

Managing your Facebook reviews is an important component of a larger digital marketing strategy. If you would like to learn more about managing Facebook reviews, or learning how a digital marketing strategy can effectively and affordably help your business grow, contact the friendly professionals at Affluent Solutions.