3 Pro Tips to Increase Your Positive Yelp Reviews

Yelp reviews can form a critical component of your online reputation, to the point that Yelp can make or break newcomers to certain industries. We have some pro-tips you can use to increase the number of positive Yelp reviews you get and use this to improve your online brand reputation

1. Check Your Filter and Approve Good Reviews

This one little trick can have seemingly immediate results. Log into Yelp and access your review filter. You’ll notice that beside each reviews is a light grey text box saying “### Reviews Filtered.” Click on this box. The next screen will allow you to see all filtered reviews.

The filter exists to catch spam: those annoying fake reviewers we all hate. An unfortunate bug of this system is that newer accounts with perfectly legitimate reviews can get filtered out of your official results. Fortunately, you can manually override the filter’s choices for any particular review. The beautiful simplicity of this maneuver is you can leave spam or false negative reviews in the filter—after all, that’s what it’s there for.

2. Tap Into All of Your Social Networks

You may think your customers are the only ones who really count, but when you’re getting social media off the ground, your own circles can be critical. Remind friends and family how important their opinions are too, because they’re likely some of your most passionate supporters. When you’re working on your company’s branding and marketing, you always want to take advantage of your biggest fans.

Harnessing good reviews from your own loved ones might feel like cheating, but it’s actually just plain smart. Encourage collaborators, employees, and even contractors to get in on the fun. You can even hold an internal “contest” and create a special incentive for the person who gets the most contributions from their personal network. The validation alone is a reward, but throw in something simple like a gas card/bus pass, theater or sports tickets, or even dinner if your company and professional ethics allow these types of rewards.

3. Offer Rewards for Customer Reviews

This is where you can get creative. Knowing your audience helps. Challenge them to leave reviews, and then offer a small reward you can afford. Increase the reward if you’re trying to get reviews on other platforms. You can start with a Yelp challenge, and some companies even use points systems to get customers to leave online reviews. Pick one winner or ten, run a raffle, or whatever works for your brand. People who are dissatisfied are always quicker to write a review than those who were pleased, so this is one way to encourage happy customers to take a moment and explain their experience.

Create in-store ads and promote the incentives on social media for maximum reach. Have fun, and your customers will too.

You Can Tweak Your Yelp Reviews and Digital Reputation

Regardless of whether you put the hours in yourself or get professional help, your online reputation matters. Optimizing your Yelp page is a great step in the right direction, but the reality is it’s just one cog in a larger online reputation management strategy. Given how important positive reviews on social media are for your business, you want all bases covered: Facebook, LinkedIn, and any industry-specific media.

In the past, you may have had to hire copywriters, social media managers, or an entire marketing department to address social media strategies, because addressing so many social media platforms can be a full-time job. But innovation is making this task easier for you to do on your own or with help. Affluent Solution Group is happy to help you manage your company’s online reputation. Click here to visit us online, check out our software solutions, and learn how we’re making online reputation management easy.