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  • Holman UMC X Affluent Solution Present “Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships,”

    Holman United Methodist Church collaborated with Affluent Solution Group this weekend for “Developing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships,” an insightful panel discussion empowering youth to develop healthy habits when engaged in intimate relations. The event was Hosted by Media Personality Melanie Eke, who moderated a dynamic panel discussion. The panel, which brought together a group of highly knowledgeable professionals, included ICU nurse’s Danielle Elzy and Telda Fanta, along with Career Coordinator Erin Haywood. The group explored topics ranging from healthy habits in romantic relationships to the real dangers unprotected intercourse, and more. This event was sponsored by Delta Sigma Theta Century City Chapter, Black Leadership Aids Crisis Coalition, Aids Healthcare Foundation, and H.O.P.E. This panel discussion is a stepping stone, but as a community it’s vital that we continue to educate and advise our young people to respect themselves and one another!

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  • “This is a #Sponsored Post”: How Brands Can Benefit from Social Media Influencers with Product Placement

    Recently, I went on vacation to Spain. While I sipped on sangria and soaked up the sights in Madrid and Ibiza, I also used this trip as an opportunity to show brands the best ways to use an influencer. Influencers are always looking for ways to leverage their status as an influencer because, let’s be real, the hustle never ends, fam.

    If you’re like me, you probably love to travel but hate the price tag that comes with jetting off to distant lands in search of new adventures. One easy way to lower the costs associated with being a world-class traveler is to identify budding brands looking for influencers to showcase their products or services. Know the #sponsored and #ad tags that you see on some Instagram accounts? These hashtags indicate that the post you’re seeing features a product placement. In other words, the person who posted the picture you’re seeing was paid to post on Instagram (or Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.).

    It may seem intimidating to contact an influencers to ask them to post your product but this is par for the course in today’s social media marketing landscape. In fact, what you’re doing is offering them to be a brand ambassador for the company. This means they get paid — in cash money or clothes, beauty products, supplements, flights, etc. — to promote your goods on the ‘gram. The great thing about this type of marketing is that “it steers clear of blatant promotions. Brand ambassadors never push their followers to buy products; instead, they lead people to a lifestyle page or blog post to gently introduce their tribe to the advertiser’s message or brand.” These are the words of Robert Mandelberg, author of Product Placement Has Come to Social Media, which is a great read with a more in-depth explanation of how product placement works.

    But before you start offering your products to a brand ambassador, make sure the influencers have a stellar social media presence and a decent following among the target audiences for your products or services that you want them to sponsor. By curating content that reflects your unique brand and posting polished images with a common theme, they will set your product apart from the crowd and be able to cultivate a large, authentic following on your various social media accounts. Brands should go beyond simply posting pictures or status updates and meaningfully engage with your followers. Brands do not just focus on followers look at the influencer’s engagement because remember people can still purchase followers. Once you’ve established this solid foundation, you’ll be able to find the perfect influencer for your brand.

    In the lead up to my vacation in Spain, I was able to leverage my influencer status in order to get free gear for the trip. For example, I knew I needed more t-shirts, so I reached out to companies that caught my eye on Instagram in the past. Fly Dope, a clothing company based in the South, gave me a couple of cool t-shirts that were designed to keep travelers fresh while in flight. That’s just one of the many perks that come with being a sponsored brand ambassador!

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  • My Trip to Tokyo

    I set out on a mission to study the millennial digital landscape beyond America. My first stop was Tokyo, Japan—a country where millennials are changing the tired traditions of their baby boomer parents in favor of cutting-edge technology and innovative digital strategies. Unlike in the United States, millennials in Japan have been more successful in shaking up the digital marketing landscape.

    In Japan, baby boomers have less social and political clout, and are declining in financial power. Accordingly, the social and economic climate is changing to reflect the burgeoning influence of millennial consumers. The impact that Japanese millennials have on pop culture (and therefore, marketing trends) is clear in cities like Tokyo.

    In Tokyo Millennials are very similar to those in America. In terms of marketing and digital communication, Millennials use apps, but mostly they use social media to gather their information. Yes we know about the weather app, but we know that you can simply engage with a stranger on social media to be in the know. You can find out what and how to pack, where to eat, the best places to stay and all the while makes a few new friends. After I made connections on Instagram, I used the Line app, which is a similar to WhatsApp in America. Line is a text app is used on Wifi instead of a cellular line. It ensured that my new friends and I stayed connected.

    I leveraged the collective wisdom of the internet to find the best places to eat, visit, and hang out in the city. I even used my smartphone to share my location in order to meet up with folks I’d connected with earlier online. In these cases, social media and the world wide web served as icebreakers that piqued my interest into what Japan, and specifically, Tokyo, had to offer — priming me for the face-to-face interactions that would take place when I set foot on the island.

    I Came to Work-Not Play

    I stayed at the Space Hostel because it is for the mature millennial and it was fairly close to my speaking engagement. The staff was very friendly and spoke English. It was about a 15 minute scenic walk from the train station. The lobby has a small kitchen that I used to warm up my food or make a cup of tea. Remember I said this is for the MATURE millennial so there is no bar or food service area. This not for the party going individual. This is a place you come to work and chill without a bunch of noise. There are 6 computers and a seating area for mingling with friends. The rooms are coed, but are very clean and each bunk has a private curtin. This hostel had a little more rules than some of the other places I stayed in the past, but it is best suited for the more business millennial. I was able to focus on writing my blog and book in the late and early hours. I spent a lot of my time on their rooftop, which is the reason I choose the hostel in the first place. It was a great place to relax with my new friends or simply by myself to enjoy the view of the city. Since this was a business trip I spent most of my days up there focusing on myself and finishing up the chapters of my upcoming book #MillennialState.

    Bruhhhhh I met Bradlee on Social Media & LOOK AT US NOW

    Bradlee, my photographer is dope. He most recently moved from Atlanta, GA to have a new experience and use his degree. As I was talking to him I learned that he is definitely in the #MillennialState. His focus is not to make money or please others, but more to see the world starting with Asia and becoming a global photographer. It was inspiring to see another African American male millennial working towards his life plan. During our dinner meeting to prepare for my speaking engagement, he gave me some insite on his perspective as Millennial who moved to Tokyo. As many Millennials he too has a degree that he was not using and wanted to be somewhere that allowed him to use that degree. He felt Tokyo was the perfect place for him to put his photography degree to use. The cool part about our conversation was it was like talking to a local who looked like me. He provided insight on some of the customs such as how to greet someone, the best times to use the transportation and it helped me grasp a lot of the things that I had wish I known sooner.

    Chopsticks, Sushi on Wheels and the Golden Arches

    My first time in Tokyo I was not scared so I said let’s try street food and of course the squid was at the top of my list. However, the second time in I had a different angle. I actually asked the concierges at the hostel were there any ramen noodle restaurants around. They looked at me like I was a tourist and gave me that face of ummm yeah you are in Tokyo. Well aduh, I was in the place where they make ramen from scratch. Once I stop acting like a tourist-because this was my second trip to Tokyo-I enjoyed a traditional Japanese lunch-dipping noodles with a side of dumplings. It was so good that I ordered more. I found a home in this restaurant and tried a few dishes because I loved the energy of the chef and the kindness of their staff. Every time I walked in I was greeted correctly with Konnichiwa(hello) & Sayōnara(good bye) and my favorite arigatou gozaimasu. This phrase essentially means “thank you very much. Also, I had the cliche “dollar sushi” where the sushi came out on a conveyor belt-my sushi had wheels. It was just as I expected, but even cooler. And of course I am American so I had to stop by Mcdonalds to enjoy a chicken sandwich. The majority of My trip was full of ramen noodles and chopsticks.

    They Asked For Marketing Tips, So I Gave it to Tokyo

    I was scheduled to speak to a room full of social media & digital marketing experts in Tokyo, Japan about the latest digital marketing trends in Los Angeles. At first I was nervous; I wondered if the information was going to valuable or if it mattered to my audience. My nervous subside during the meet and greet. I made sure that I greeted everyone correctly to show a sign of respect. I mades sure I followed the custom of exchange information to follow up later. In Tokyo the correct way to exchange business cards is both parties hand each other their cards, you are to read the name out loud and say thank you. After the meet and greet I was ready to start. Jeff Crawford introduced me and I began my workshop Digital Marketing 101 course how to turn your followers into dollars. The audience was very receptive of the information and fully engaged. Multiple people asked questions about the best ways to visually enhance their business. Also, another popular question was how to enhance their content so that they attract followers that are interested in their products. Overall the audience received the information very well and the seminar was a success.

    To view all cool photos follow me @joe_Luckett

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  • From Digital To Dollars

    The internet has long been a marketplace for goods, but social media and apps are increasingly playing a bigger role in the path-to-purchase. You can easily order tonight’s dinner and the latest Walking Dead episode with the click of a mouse, or a few taps on your smartphone. According to The Pew Research Center, over 70% of Americans buy products online and 51% of those purchases are made using a smartphone. As smartphones become all the more affordable, it’s more important now than ever to leverage this new technology to reap in greater profits. Most major retailers realized this early on, and have created their own, customized apps to make it easier for you to spend your dollars online. For the shopaholics among us, this is a tempting proposition. How could you not buy those overly-priced shoes for next week’s kickback when you have the entire store’s inventory at your disposal on your phone?

    But businesses are doing more than building apps that show us the goods. They’re also using apps to shape the in-store experience, empower customers throughout the purchasing process, and offering new and dynamic ways to engage with both current and prospective customers. For instance, let’s say you were looking to a buy a new BBQ grill. You searched on Google, Amazon, and Home Depot but couldn’t find one that fit your needs. Then you log onto Facebook to check out what your friends have been up to. Suddenly, you see an advertisement for the same grills that popped up on your Google search. You might say to yourself, “What the hell? Big Brother is watching my every move.” But it you’re like me, you know it’s not Big Brother but rather a savvy marketing algorithm mean to match users with products they’re more likely to buy based on their keyword searches and demographic features.

    According to the Wall Street Journal, Millennials spend an average of 18 hours a day scrolling, liking, tapping and watching videos online. Basically, if we’re not sleeping, chances are we’re on some online platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Because of this influx in usage, social media marketing has become very competitive, expensive, and even more important than before. In the past, small businesses and startups could leverage social media for cost effective digital marketing. But now big businesses like Nike, Domino’s and Dove are using social media to tap into the Millennial market. And they’re crushing it when it comes to generating viral content.

    So, how can small businesses compete?

    Digital content has to be engaging to capture new audiences and used strategically to keep them engaged. For small brands to compete with big dogs like those listed above, it’s important to tap into and showcase your company’s unique value proposition. Here are a few suggestions on how you can do this:

    Post Daily Content – Posting new and interesting content on a day to day basis is hard to do when you’re trying to work on your business. My suggestion is planning ahead to schedule the release of content that speaks to the core values of your brand. Set clear goals on what you want to achieve and lay out a strategy for how you will accomplish these goals. This should involve mapping out a content calendar that incorporates a variety of multimedia sources, including photos, videos, slideshows, articles and even a call to action.

    Use Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing focuses on leveraging the fame and following of people who are popular on social media to drive your brand’s message to a larger market. Rather than marketing directly to consumers, you can use influencers to serve as ambassadors for your brand. Provide them with your product and create loose guidelines about how they can showcase it on social media. The key is to let influencers get creative with sharing your product with their followers rather than telling them what you want them to do or say about your product. You can identify the right influencers for your brand by doing a bit of research of their online presence. One way to identify influencers is by thinking about whose voice your trust and then comparing their followers with your brand’s core demographic. Once you’ve identify an influencer “hit list,” create a marketing campaign that is directed at these influencers. When you get one (or more) on board with your brand, create a second marketing campaign that allows your influencers to drive greater awareness among their followers. Track key metrics relating to reach, sales and brand awareness to make sure your influencers are effectively promoting your brand.

    Targeted Campaigns – Set a call to action that drives your customers to purchase or engage with your brand. To make sure this call to action is effective, make sure you identify your target audience and their spending trends. You can use coupons, discount codes, dynamic landing pages, host events, and organizing giveaways are just some of the many ways you can attract new customers to your brand.

    Joe Luckett #MillennialState

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  • End of the Bots – Instagram Takes Action on Instagress

    With a network of over 400 million users, Instagram has been a brand marketer’s dream, offering limitless opportunities for sponsorship and digital influencer partnerships. The rise in marketing investment via Instagram prompted many Insta-users with aspirations of greatness to purchase engagement software— also known as ‘bots’ — to artificially inflate their reach, engagement and boost their appeal to prospective customers. It’s been widely known that most social media managers have in the past purchased software at one point or another to cultivate a sense of popularity as well as create the illusion of client engagement. These infamous bots would write things like: “this is dope,” “nice photo,” and “cool,” beneath photos of users, leaving many feeling mystified (“Who the hell is Rachy89? AND why is she sending me the fire emoji”) and/or slightly flattered (“Well, I do take great pictures!”). Many times the community manager or social media manager would incorrectly set up the parameters for the bot, thus causing them to get a bit trigger happy and go on liking sprees — haphazardly liking pictures on a user’s Instagram feed from the last three weeks…or even the last three months! Notice I said incorrectly, as a social media manager you have to know how to properly use the software as well as understand that it is a way to get a lead aka a follower aka a customer.


    The software is used to spark a conversation with a REAL user and you as the community manager are to engage with the lead. However, many users of the software were not responding to the comments or likes. Many Instagram users assumed the comments came from a fake account (although the account was real) and possibly reported it as abuse. In contrast let’s think on a BIGGER scale, Instagram is a business and they too need leads that turn into dollars. Instagram wants your money to go to them not a software developer. Think about it, Instagram said if they are spending $10-$30 a month on a software, then they can spend that on advertisement. BOOOOOMMM there is it is…

    Instagram finally caught on to what the researchers — and Drake — have been saying for ages: it’s time to get rid of all the “fake love” on social media! Instagram has announced that it will no longer allow bots on its platform and shutdown Instegress.

    So, if you’re a social media marketer, you’re going to have to cultivate a following the old-fashioned way: through organic engagement. Here are my top tips for building an audience and keeping them interested in your product or service:

    Use Instagram ads. You can create ads through the Facebook Ad Manager, which lets you tailor marketing outreach to match the demographics of your client base. Facebook Ad Manager lets you promote your ad on Facebook and Instagram, although you are not forced to use both.

    Post original content. Now more than ever before, original video and photo content is in demand (making it hard to keep up!). Get yourself a good quality camera (I just purchased the sony a6000) and take photos that match your brand not just because they look good. Your page has to be attractive to your audience.
    Engage with friends. Have your friends share your post and find a NEW friend. Find an influencer in your area and have them share your content. This will help your credibility and makes it easier for your audience to find you.

    Engage with competitors. – Be nosey. Take a look at your competition’s platforms. Become a student and research and engage with their following. See what they are doing and do it better! Ask yourself what times are they posting, who is their most influential follower etc. Whatever they are doing you need to do it better!
    Take advantage of all the features. Use hashtags, but most importantly use instagram stories. You cannot fake a story. It is a different way to produce content; it allows you to engage with questions, blogs, surveys and much more. Once people realize you are real and produce authentic content they will follow. Show authenticity in your posts and be engaging so that they continue to watch your feed.

    If you’re an influencer or brand looking to turn your followers into dollars contact me for a FREE 45 consultation @Joe_Luckett or email Joe@affluentsolution.com

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