Our Vision

Affluent Solution Group (ASG) provides marketing and advertising tools needed to thrive in a marketplace influenced by agile technological advancements and millennials. We represent brands through key community partnerships with global social influencers the intent to increase consumer engagement and organic content marketing material to impact targeted demographics. Affluent Solution Group creates, plans, and manages innovative marketing and business development strategies to deliver engaging content, drive quality leads, and increase social engagement.

We specialize in conducting tailored marketing research to ensure we place our clients in front of the consumers that are searching for their businesses. Our goal is to leave your customers with a lasting and positive impression about your company all through ASG marketing efforts.

Our Achievements

Affluent Solution Group prides itself on its growth and accomplishment over the past few years. Starting out as website development company in 2012, ASG has successfully expanded our services to provide a full-service firm to add value to our current and future clients. In addition to our services expansion, we have had the opportunity to grow nationwide. We pride ourselves on being everywhere our clients are

In addition to our marketing services, we have successfully partnered with companies and brands throughout the nation to create and produce exciting and engaging charitable events to raise awareness and funding to support today’s under-resourced youth. Our efforts have been able to support children from across the world to include Europe & Africa.

Specialized Demographic

We focus our marketing efforts to connect and work closely with Millennials who are world-connected individuals who are highly efficient and dependent on the Internet, television, radio, and other online editorial publications for source of news and information.

Through their extensive buying power, Millennials influence others to make purchases which in return help businesses. ASG has a clear understanding the impact Millennials have on social media and the way information is traveled across the world. That’s what makes our job so fun! We work with Millennials on a daily, understanding the changes in the marketplace that they control. Affluent Solutions Group, LLC. understands that to be effective, you have to create valuable and visually appealing content about your business to create and increase organic engagement with Millennials. We Do That For You!